Why do you need quality inspection service?

Quality control is the key to success of getting high quality and compliant products from suppliers.

ˇńQuality control can significantly reduce risk of low quality and non-compliance with regulatory requirements, and minimize the risks associated with loading, storage and transportation by getting informed in advance about production problems and shipping delays.

ˇńProduct inspection can make sure contractual obligations are met with regard to specification, packaging, marking and delivery.

ˇńProduct inspection provides you with valuable product information, such as quantity, quality defects, and defect severity level for your decision of accepting or rejecting product.

ˇńLoading supervision lets you know when and how your products are loaded at loading site. We check the lot for quantity, markings and carton conditions. We also randomly select samples from the cartons for identifying the products and preventing substitution.

Why choose East Inspection?

ˇń Our highly professional and experienced team provides independent, efficient and reliable inspection service to our clients.

ˇń Order your inspection service now, and our dedicated inspection expert will take action in 24 hours! Once the inspection is completed, you will receive the formal report through email or fax within 12 hours.

ˇń All included, only US$258.00 per man/day for standard inspection service! We provide the most competitive quality/price service in the territory.
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